Western Digital's ActiveScale 5.5 Streamlines Workflows, More

This week Western Digital Corp. (WDC) announced key enhancements to its ActiveScale cloud object storage family, which include improved scale-out performance, a new Data Pipeline Service, asynchronous Geo-Spread, and improved storage density and economics.

For large-scale data workflows, ActiveScale 5.5 coupled with ActiveScale X100 is "projected to deliver data throughput of up to 75GB/second in scale-out configurations," according to the announcement.

The new ActiveScale Data Pipeline Service is a notification feature that "offers a versatile way to stitch together distributed Web-scale applications to streamline data processing," according to the company. This allows workflow processing to be simplified for real-time analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile applications, media and entertainment, and business processes.

Geo-Spreading, ActiveScale's advanced data protection scheme, spreads data across geographically dispersed availability zones. The 5.5 release "adds asynchronous mode support, which enables low-latency data ingest for IoT applications without compromising system availability," according to the announcement. This provides both an asynchronous and synchronous geo resiliency from which customers can choose.

WDC says the "integration of new 14TB Ultrastar data center-class drives" will allow customers to take advantage of a "16 percent increase in storage density and improved cost/capacity, without increasing power and cooling costs." This enhancement reduces CAPEX and overall hardware footprint with improved storage economics.

You can learn more about the overhaul of ActiveScale here.

About the Author

Wendy Hernandez is group managing editor for the 1105 Enterprise Computing Group.


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