Nasuni Adding AI to Cloud File Services Platform

Boston-based Nasuni Corp. provides artificial intelligence (AI) and search analytics for unstructured data in its file services platform for network attached storage (NAS) infrastructure, according to a recent announcement. The company also touted new cloud migration capabilities that it said customers will be able to use for cloud-first approaches, as well as multi-cloud implementations.

"Unstructured data has exploded, while globalization and agility pressures have made traditional NAS infrastructures inadequate," Nasuni stated. "Businesses should no longer build file server silos, which can be costly, complex and unable to keep up with today's demands."

The company said its new file services platform is designed for the cloud and combines local file server performance with the scalability and other advantages of cloud storage.

"Users can migrate NAS silos to the cloud storage of their choice for on-demand capacity expansion, built-in backup, instant disaster recovery, and multi-site file sharing," the announcement said of the new product that is scheduled to be available by the end of the year.

Nasuni provided statements from an analyst and a user supporting its technology.

Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst at ESG, said, "Today's world is ready for cloud service with native apps and SaaS. Traditional file technologies were just not built for the cloud and businesses need a new model to support today's workloads. Nasuni provides modern file services--built for the cloud from the start--enabling enterprises to eliminate storage silos and backups while reducing costs."

"No one has time for slow performance, and legacy storage systems can no longer support hundreds of terabytes across dozens of locations with the speed, scalability and management simplicity that we expect," said IT Implementation Leader Brian Erickson at APi Group, Inc. "Nasuni combines local performance with the power of the cloud. They made it easy for us to decommission our traditional, on-premises file server and leverage our unstructured data for search, analytics and collaboration."

More information on the upcoming product release is available here.


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