Red Hat Marketplace Opens for Hybrid, Multicloud Environments

Aiming to provide a one-stop-shop for hybrid, multicloud and on-premises environments, Red Hat and IBM teamed up to offer the Red Hat Marketplace, now in general availability.

Catering to IT pros and developers, the software ecosystem focuses on container-based enterprise applications running on OpenShift, Red Hat's container platform built on Kubernetes, the popular orchestration system.

The software includes, tools and services in a gamut of product categories including: database; developer tools; storage; security; monitoring; application runtime; streaming and messaging; integration and delivery; AI/machine learning; Big Data; and networking.

Some Database and Developer Tools Offerings in the Red Hat Marketplace
[Click on image for larger view.] Some Database and Developer Tools Offerings in the Red Hat Marketplace (source: Red Hat).

A news release listed other aspects of the Red Hat Marketplace including:

  • Wares are can be bought on Red Hat OpenShift consoles via the platform's familiar tiles, with continuous support to help developers get new software up and running.
  • Software is certified for Red Hat OpenShift and built with Kubernetes Operators for built-in management logic, including upgrades and patches, backup and recovery, log processing, scaling and more.
  • Metering is enabled for all software purchased through the marketplace, providing granular visibility into actual usage and spending patterns, which is said to help minimize waste and address financial risks associated with end-of-year software audits. It is said to offer control of pricing models and allows for products -- including third-party ware -- to be offered with hourly pricing, enabling experimentation and agility in early-stage development projects.

"This is the first enterprise software and service marketplace designed specifically for hybrid cloud computing," a Sept. 8 blog post said. "Previously, cloud marketplaces offered third-party products to run in a given public cloud, but the configurations used for one cloud may not transfer to another. Red Hat Marketplace offers solutions certified for Red Hat OpenShift that can be used across any cloud, making the concept of write once, run anywhere a reality."

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