Beware the 'Piecrust Promises' of Potential Partnerships

They're often not what they seem.

The Volkswagen Scandal as Cautionary Tale

Monitoring your networks can help find out what they're doing that you don't even know about.

Object Storage: Is it Soup Yet?

It may hold the key to getting a handle on unstructured data.

Memo To Software Developers: Hurry Up and Slow Down

Too often, a 'time-to-market' mindset leads to sloppy products.

5 VMware Hands-On Labs You Can't Miss

The best part? They're free to use.

Simplifying Virtual Storage

Rethinking metadata has led INFINIDAT to new ways of virtualizing storage.

Parallel Processing With Docker

Univa updates Grid Engine to work with containers.

Bringing Networking Back Home

Hyperconvergence means fewer appliances and simpler datacenter networking.

What's Your Monitoring and Management Strategy?

Virtualization and software-defined networking have complicated these challenges, but there's no shortage of solutions.

VMworld and the Changing Value of Events

Just like the IT industry, vendor shows have evolved over time.

Storage Virtualization and the Question of Balance

Focusing too much on processors leads to problems.

Hyperconvergence: Hype and Promise

The field is evolving as lower-cost options start to emerge.

VMworld and the Uncertainty Principle

VMware's direction has changed in unpredictable ways.

USB Redirection In VMware Horizon 6.0 With View

How to restrict USB drives while still allowing audio and video to VDI clients.

VMware Technologies That Transformed the Datacenter

Few IT companies can say they have forever changed the datacenter more quickly, or completely, than VMware.

The 7-Point Case for Virtualizing Single-Server Sites

Just because a site has just one server doesn't mean it can't -- or shouldn't -- be virtualized.

When Tech Becomes the Wiring In the Wall

It may be out of sight, but it shouldn't be out of mind.

Playing the 'Forced Hardware Update' Game

Curvature and DataCore wonder why it's necessary to rip-and-replace perfectly good systems.

ExaGrid 4.9 Adds Ability To Use Oracle RMAN Channels for Backup

Many approaches, many solutions. Which is best for you?

HP Announces a New Hyperconverged Appliance

It claims to be VMware-friendly from the start.

Virtualization Review

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