Know Thy Network: Proper Workload Optimization Through Analysis

Cirba chats about the pitfalls of inefficient datacenters.

5 Use Cases for Linux Virtual Desktops

It's a Windows world when it comes to VDI, but Linux still has a place.

How Citrix Got Here

Citrix has taken radical new steps to better compete. Here's why it began to struggle.

More Efficient I/Os Through Read/Write Optimization

Condusiv touts its V-Locity, using lab tests to support the product.

Where In the World Is the System Failure?

CloudPhysics says its new feature can track the problem down, no matter where it's hiding.

Introducing ePAT: The Solution To Your Storage Problems

The new technology that's sure to revolutionize the industry.

Tape Storage: What's Old Is New Again

It can even help you survive the coming z-pocalypse.

5 Reasons To Adopt vSphere Virtual Volumes

If you haven't yet looked into the technology, it's time.

Veeam Announces Backup for Linux

The standalone product will be available in the first half of 2016.

The Painful Problem of Growing Datacenter Complexity

Cohesity claims to have a solution with its data platform.

Does the Survey Really Say What the Survey Says?

Deciphering a CloudPhysics survey on application disruption.

Back to the Future in Virtualization and Storage

What's old is new again. Marty McFly would get it.

Data Analytics for Your Network

Corvil is in the crowded room of analytics companies that can help you make sense of your infrastructure.

5 Rules For Avoiding Datacenter Disruption

Vendors want to sell you the "new." But ripping-and-replacing the "old" can lead to catastrophe.

Dell's Heavyweight Move

Buying EMC opens the enterprise door much wider.

The Day the MacBook Died: A True Backup Story

The El Capitan upgrade wrecked Dan's laptop. Fortunately, he was prepared. Are you?

Beware the 'Piecrust Promises' of Potential Partnerships

They're often not what they seem.

The Volkswagen Scandal as Cautionary Tale

Monitoring your networks can help find out what they're doing that you don't even know about.

Object Storage: Is it Soup Yet?

It may hold the key to getting a handle on unstructured data.

Memo To Software Developers: Hurry Up and Slow Down

Too often, a 'time-to-market' mindset leads to sloppy products.

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