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Nimble Nimbula

The same group that drove the creation of the wildly successful Amazon EC2 is now running Nimbula, a company that develops what it calls a cloud operating system. It newest software, Nimbula Director, is now in beta, and is really an extension of Nimbula's cloud OS. 

The aim is to give the cloud the same discipline and manageability one has with a well-run on-premises data center.

In fact, Director promises to manage external clouds as well as in house private clouds, and let the two interoperate -- the holy grail of cloud computing that everyone is seemingly seeking.

According to the company, "Nimbula Director provides powerful utility-grade cloud features like policy-based authorization, enabling secure multi-tenancy, topology-independent distributed network security and monitoring and metering. Nimbula Director also uniquely provides highly automated deployment and cloud management to scale and facilitates easy migration of existing applications into the cloud by supporting multi-platform environments and flexible networking and storage."  

There's so many companies, big and small, playing in this space that it is anyone's ball game. I wouldn't be surprised to see Amazon, IBM, HP, Microsoft, RackSpace or Google snap up Nimbula. Remember, you heard it hear first!

Posted by Doug Barney on 01/13/2011 at 12:47 PM


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