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Cloud Integration Takes a Lot of Talend

Longtime software integration player Talend is now moving its middleware to the cloud. The Talend Cloud can stitch together apps on-premise, in pure public clouds, private clouds or hybrids. Talend claims it can also join data and apps even as you move all this off-site and onto service provider networks, and keep it all secure.

The way the company describes its wares sounds a lot like what folks used to call SOA, or software-oriented architecture. Haven't heard that term since George W. was in office.

While old-style middleware (this phrase is about as common as SOA but I still use it) handled Oracle, SAP, SQL Server et al., Talend Cloud supports new stuff such as Google Apps, Amazon, Saleforce, Twitter and more of this kind of fluff.

There are a lot of companies in this space and I covered Talend because it just announced its new cloud tool. If I was smart enough to be in IT, I would definitely do a lot of research before buying such an essential tool.

Posted by Doug Barney on 06/21/2011 at 12:47 PM


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