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How would you like to spend eight hours taxing the computing power of a cluster of 30,000 cores? Heck, with that, I could finally get my taxes done in time.

Some lucky researchers are going to get all that computing time -- a $10,000 value -- for free. This all comes courtesy of Cycle Computing, a supercomputing company. The CycleCloud BigScience Challenge (I guess the company isn't a fan of spaces between words!) is open to nonprofit researchers trying to do good. CycleCloud is a platform building cloud-based HPC apps.

Right now, there are five finalists. Here is a brief synopsis:

  • Harvard is working on creating organic photovoltaic cells as a way to offer clean, green energy.
  • Morgridge Institute for Research is trying to create stem cell treatments tailored for individuals and their ailments.
  • The University of Notre Dame is learning more about how diabetes is formed.
  • The TU Munich ROSTLAB is trying to decode every single possible gene sequence mutation.
  • The Harvard Medical School is trying to understand the impact certain drugs have on Parkinson's disease.

What would you do with eight hours of massive processing time? Dream on at [email protected].

Posted by Doug Barney on 11/29/2011 at 12:47 PM


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