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Why Fear Cloud DR

The cloud has won many types of customers. Consumers love their Gmail and Hotmail, leftwingers their Huffington, right wingers their Drudge, sales types live in Saleforce, and Lync is setting the world of unified communication astir.

Meanwhile personal backup with services like Carbonite is revolutionized. Enough bacon has been saved to keep Homer Simpson fed for years.

IT, though, is still wary of using the cloud for hardcore disaster recovery. If they can't see their disaster recovery systems, or know their disks are held in some underground cavern, they just don't feel safe.

Seth Goodling, from storage vendor Acronis, analyzed some recent surveys that drive home this point.

This is actually great news because it serves as a challenge to the cloud storage vendors to perfect their technology, and absolutely prove it works. Once this is done, the cloud could be the easiest, safest, and maybe cheapest way to do DR ever.


Posted by Doug Barney on 07/10/2012 at 12:47 PM


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