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AvePoint Collaborates in the Cloud

It's no secret that many SharePoint installs are moving to the cloud. Let's face it: In many cases SharePoint is a tactical deploy, a quick and dirty operation. A team of folks need to gather quickly on a project so the app needs to be up fast, and docs must be moved right away. Who needs to buy a server, load the software and get the licenses, then build an app? Why not let a hoster do all or most of the work? That's just one reason for online SharePoint.

But whether your SharePoint is online or not, the eleven-year-old AvePoint says your SharePoint content migration can be. This tool, which runs on-premises or off, already had a Web interface, so the learning curve for customers going for the in-house to cloud version is relatively nil.

DocAve is all about moving SharePoint content from one place to another, whether it's documents, schedules, sites or entire collections of sites, all while keeping version histories, layout, security, and metadata intact.

This data can be moved when the systems are down, or can be done live, and works with on-premises SharePoint as well as Office 365, allowing for the support of hybrid SharePoint environments. Read more about it here.

Posted by Doug Barney on 01/15/2013 at 12:47 PM


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