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A Virtualization-Heavy TechMentor Conference

In June, I will be presenting at 1105 Media's TechMentor conference in Orlando. This is going to be an exciting show from the virtualization perspective, as real-world experts will be providing more than 30 sessions on virtualization topics.

One thing that separates TechMentor from other virualization events is that the material is vendor-neutral. I'm happy to be presenting alongside well-known virtualization experts such as Virtualization Review's own "Virtual Advisor" Chris Wolf, along with other gurus like Greg Shields and Edward Haletky and many others.

I'll be presenting three sessions in the virtualization track. There is also a full compliment of Windows-centric sessions, as you can see from the agenda. The sessions I will be presenting:

  • Performing advanced P2V conversions
  • Building a business case for virtualization
  • When do you start paying for virtualization for small environments?

My P2V session will focus on what P2V tools can do for you now. P2V has become more sophisticated as well as multi-hypervisor aware, and this will get you up to speed on the new stuff. I'll also go over steps before, during and after a conversion that you may not have thought about, to ensure that you don't have any surprises when you need the converted system to work.

The business case session will focus on my success in explaining the benefits of virtualization to decision-makers, partly to offset initial costs but also to accommodate a very fluid technology landscape that we all are facing.

The final session is geared toward the SMB space. When to start paying for virtualization is a relevant topic for many organizations in the current economic climate. This may even creep up to larger environments where certain tiers or segments of the virtual environment may be better suited on a lesser-expensive platform.

We all know that there are plenty of free virtualization components, with hypervisors leading the way. Now with management tools -- even including live migration -- available for free, there is definitely some re-thinking required.

As you can see, there is definitely something for everyone at the event.

I am formulating my content now for the show. Send me a note with material you would like covered in the sessions, or post below. I'll see if I can roll it into the material.

Summarizing my blatant plug for the event is a takeaway for you. If you register with priority code "vanover", you will receive $100 off the Best Value Package (full access for all five days). Hope to see you there!

Posted by Rick Vanover on 03/31/2009 at 12:47 PM


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