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Prepping for VMworld

VMworld is an interesting beast. Trying to explain it to someone outside of virtualization is more difficult than it seems. It isn't really training, it isn't entirely a trade show; it is more than just networking, yet it isn't like most other events. I had the opportunity to attend last year in Las Vegas and will be at this year's event in San Francisco next week.

VMworld is also over-stimulating, as each day is jam-packed with events. My head hurt after last year's show. There will be a flood of news and Twitter feeds of VMworld-related events. Here are some good feeds to follow as VMworld happens:

http://twitter.com/jtroyer -- John Troyer is a virtualization machine. As VMware communities manager, he has many relevant tweets to VMware and VMworld.

http://twitter.com/vmworld -- The official VMworld Twitter feed will have lots of practical information as well as events as they occur.

http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23VMworld -- Everyone via the Trending Topic #VMworld will surely be flooded with stuff next week.

http://twitter.com/RickVanover -- It's me! But, I'm going to try something different with my tweets next week. I'm going to give you a different perspective of the event from the attendee's perspective. I can't exactly tell you what that will be, so you'll have to check the tweets as they're pushed out.

Next week, you'll also see special editions of the VirtualizationReview.com newsletter, which will pack as much information as possible from the show.

I am excited for VMworld to start, but also, in a way, I'm ready for it to be over. My schedule is entirely booked for Tuesday and Wednesday, which are the only two days that I will be in San Francisco. While the event is only a few days, the amount of work that goes into planning an event like this is tremendous and I, for one, appreciate all the hard work that many people behind the scenes put in to make it a very organized event. Snags happen also, as was the case with the infamous  LAB04 session earlier in the week.

Have a comment on VMworld? Send me a [email protected] note or leave a comment below.

Posted by Rick Vanover on 08/27/2009 at 12:47 PM


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