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VMware Execs Selling Stock

Interesting tidbit from Alessandro Perilli over at about VMware executives selling some shares. The list included President and CEO Diane Greene who, according to the report, sold some at the end of January 2008, and Carl Eschenback, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Field Operations, who did the same thing in early March.

Perilli speculates that it might have something to do with the decline in VMware's stock since its historic IPO last summer. It's gone even lower since then, and is now below the inital post-IPO glow.

One posting under Perilli's entry, from some who identifies himself as Ramesh Dharan, says it's no big deal:

"Practically all senior executives at major companies set up fixed automated share sale schedules, the timing of which is explicitly out of their hands. They do this to indemnify themselves from accusations of insider trading."

Another poster agrees with that opinion, while a third argues that any decline in stock is more due to the performance of EMC, VMware's parent company. While Dharan may have point, it doesn't mean that the execs in this case were just following an automated schedule (conversely, that could be exactly what happened.)

VMware is still a vibrant, healthy company in the vanguard of the virtualization movement. It has more competition than ever, which is certainly a good thing. But as of yet, I certainly see no cracks in the foundation.

What do you think? Is VMware on the downward slope, or still moving up (not their stock, but the company)? Tell me!

Posted by Keith Ward on 04/03/2008 at 12:48 PM


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