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'Huge' Problem With Hyper-V?

Blogger Scott Lowe is doing some fantastic work at Tech-Ed this week, covering the virtualization-related sessions. Very enlightening, informative stuff.

He's also uncovered what he sees as a big potential problem with Hyper-V: the lack of NIC bonding. NIC bonding, also known as "NIC teaming," "port teaming" and other names, means to link two NICs so they appear as one device, increasing their speed and redundancy.

Lowe learned in the session that Hyper-V doesn't support NIC bonding at all. His take on the impact this could have?

"In my opinion, that is a huge problem. How does one go about providing network link redundancy to guests hosted on Hyper-V? Surely using Failover Clustering and Quick Migration isn't the answer here, is it?"

Lowe contacted one of the presenters and asked for more information on the issue, but as of this writing, he hasn't blogged about getting a response.

What's your take on this? Is it as big a deal as Lowe seems to think? Also, if you work for Microsoft and have any insight into this issue -- if NIC bonding really is unavailable, and if so, why -- please contact me.

Posted by Keith Ward on 06/12/2008 at 12:48 PM


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