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VMware Closes B-hive Deal

The VMware acquisition of B-hive Networks is complete, and with it, VMware's managment capabilities are more complete as well. The announcement of the purchase was first announced in May of this year, making it a whirlwind courtship and marriage.

B-hive's primary product, Conductor, extends the ability of VMware's management console, VirtualCenter (VC), to see inside applications that reside in Virtual Machines (VMs). This is a weakness of VC, which can tell you what's happening with the VMs themselves, but has little ability to look inside them.

As Executive Editor Tom Valovic blogged awhile ago, the kind of analysis B-hive provides is growing increasingly crucial as companies virtualize more and more mission-critical apps. For those apps, it's important to understand the impact on the end user, and that's where B-hive shines. After all, you're not going to virtualize a database for a Web app if it slows down your site and keeps customers from ordering.

B-hive was founded in 2005, and has R&D facilities in Israel, which VMware will continue to use. Terms of the deal were not disclosed at any time during the process, but Internet speculation put the figure in the tens of millions of dollars.

Posted by Keith Ward on 07/03/2008 at 12:48 PM


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