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Calling All Product Reviewers

I sent out a call for virtualization product reviewers a few months ago, and got some good feedback, but I need some different kinds of reviews. What I need is folks who use virtualization products in a SMB or enterprise environment, who can test and use the products in a live setting.

If you don't have much (or any) previous writing experience, don't sweat it -- we can work with you, if you're passionate about virtualization and professional about meeting deadlines. You'll get paid for your efforts, and more than a token fee -- you won't get rich writing reviews (I think Walt Mossberg is about the only guy who does), but you will get a chunk o' change and the opportunity to play with cool stuff to which you might not otherwise have access. If you do have some writing background, so much the better.

What I don't need at this point are reviewers who want to try stuff on their home network or laptop with Fusion loaded. I want real-world, bullets-flying reports. If that's you, contact me ASAP and let's get working.

Posted by Keith Ward on 11/13/2008 at 12:48 PM


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