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XenDesktop 3 is Coming

Brian Madden has a niceĀ overview of Citrix' HDX family of technologies. HDX stands for "high definition experience," and is part of the XenDesktop 3 release, set for sometime later this month.

Brian points out that there really isn't anything new in HDX, but believes it's good marketing for Citrix; nothing wrong with trumpeting what you've got. As for XenDesktop, our review of the last version was glowing; I can't wait to see how Citrix improves the latest iteration.

One of the best enhancements, from my point of view, is that Citrix claims it can double your VM density.That means you can put twice as many virtual desktops on a server as before, with (allegedly) no performance degradation. Anything that allows you to improve VM density is going to be a hit, since it means using existing hardware rather than buying new stuff.

Price for XenDesktop 3 is $75 per concurrent user. The precise release date wasn't given.

(Personal note: my blogging activity has been significantly impacted by a recent back injury I suffered. I'll be picking up the pace shortly.)

Posted by Keith Ward on 02/13/2009 at 12:48 PM


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