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Citrix Releases Preview of iPhone App

Seeing as how I'm a big fan of both virtualization and the iPhone, anything that combines the two is going to excite me.

And this does. Citrix has released a technology preview for iPhone, called Citrix Receiver. Basically, the app (available now on the iPhone App Store) allows you to access applications stored in a XenApp (formerly Presentation Server) environment.

And since the applications aren't stored locally on your iPhone, you can open and edit documents in a way you can't currently do on the iPhone.

Citrix has been hyping this application for awhile now; it's great to see it finally available (as a free download.)

Remember that isn't Receiver's final version, so proceed with caution. In response to a security question on a thread, Citrix stated the following: "this release is a Tech Preview and so the feature set is limited. But I can assure you we fully understand that SSL and two factor authentication are critical features for the Receiver." This implies that more security controls are coming, so if you use this in a corporate environment, check with your IT department before downloading the app.

Now all I need to do is get my IT department to set up XenApp...

Posted by Keith Ward on 04/02/2009 at 12:48 PM


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