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VMware: Nearly 100 Percent Virtualized

I got an interesting tidbit of information from VMware today (not related to the big announcement coming next Tuesday about vSphere.) I asked a VMware spokesman how much of the company's infrastructure is virtualized.

It's an interesting question, especially considering how Microsoft likes to tout that it eats its own dogfood. It is never shy, for instance, about mentioning that big Websites like TechNet are running on Hyper-V. The same question, naturally, is relevant to the virtualization leader.

The spokesman said that VMware's infrastructure is 97 percent virtualized, and "will be 100 percent virtualized within a few weeks." Most of that is on VI3, but a transition to vSphere is in progress right now, he said.

Considering that VMware is a major software vendor at the leading edge of the leading-edge IT space, that's impressive. Of course, it also helps that its VI subscription and support costs are zero.

Posted by Keith Ward on 04/16/2009 at 12:48 PM


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