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The Laptop Goes Back

Some of you have been following my recent purchase of a laptop for virtualization, and attempts to solve attendant problems. Well, I thought I'd cured the disease with an OS reinstall, but no such luck. The bluescreens and system freezes returned. Because of that, I'm returning my Studio XPS to Dell and getting an identical replacement unit.

The frustrating thing is that I love everything about the computer, except the crashes. Whenever I work on it, I literally save after every paragraph I write. That ain't gonna get 'er done. It doesn't matter how great a device is if it's unreliable. And for the moola I spent, it should be as rock-solid as my Mac (well, maybe that's setting too high a bar...)

In any event, this is your last chance, Dell. Mess this one up and that's it.

I'll update you after the new laptop comes in and I've had a chance to put it through the ringer.

Posted by Keith Ward on 05/22/2009 at 12:48 PM


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