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Citrix: We Don't Restrict Competition at Shows

In an effort to set the record straight, I have an update on the VMworld controversy that I wrote about earlier this week. In my last post, I quoted a VMware employee who said that the rules restricting booth space for major competitors (specifically, Microsoft and Citrix) at their shows were similar to VMware's (i.e. 10' X 10' booths).

That is apparently incorrect. I was informed by Citrix' John Fanelli that Citrix sets no such limitations. From Fanelli's e-mail, which he has permitted to be reprinted here:

"I would like to officially correct the record by confirming that our sponsorship contracts at Citrix Synergy contain no language prohibiting competitive exhibitors. Citrix does not restrict the booth size of any exhibitor or include restrictions that prevent them from demonstrating competitive products. While some competitors may choose to purchase only a 10x10 booth at Synergy, that decision is entirely their choice to make."

Fanelli also stated that he supports VMware's stance on the matter of booth size:

"For the record, I would like to confirm that Citrix fully supports VMware’s right to set the rules for their events in whatever way they choose and note that we have no official comment on the recent changes they have made to their event contracts."

Note that I'm not trying to prolong this discussion, but I do think it's important to get our facts right, and report as accurately as possible.

Posted by Keith Ward on 06/04/2009 at 12:48 PM


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