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VMworld: Poetic Justice for Microsoft and Citrix?

I wanted to follow up with my VMware rantings by mentioning something VMware's Mike DiPetrillo pointed out on Scott Lowe's blog about this fiasco. Mike says:

For what it’s worth, the VMware booth has always been restricted to a 10×10 at every Microsoft and Citrix event as well. And you want to know where some of this “industry standard” language came from just grab one of their exhibitor agreements. Not saying if things are right or not but this isn’t just a VMware thing.

If this is the case (and let the record show that I'm taking Mike's word on this, because I know him and he's a trustworthy source), I would say that it's stupidity on everyone's part. Open your show up to everyone who wants a booth (and whatever size booth they can afford), and let the market sort out the winner.

One argument put forth by those in the pro-VMware camp is that each vendor, at its own conference, has the right to decide who can have what size booths. But I align with those who believe that when VMworld positions itself as more than a VMware show, and instead a virtualizattion industry event, that it has an obligation to extend that objectivity to all vendors.

OK, enough of this VMworld stuff. I'll leave it alone, unless something new arises.

Posted by Keith Ward on 06/02/2009 at 12:48 PM


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