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CA Talks Enterprise; Unveils Three New Products

Positioning itself as a virtualization management provider that relies on its strength and experience in the enterprise software market to provide not only management products but business strategies as well, CA announced three new products for assurance, automation and configuration of heterogeneous virtualization and cloud environments.

Citing a very popular statistic, Andi Mann, VP of Virtualization Product Marketing at CA notes that most analysts say that between 15 percent and 30 percent of servers are virtualized. "That's still very low. That tells me they're having difficulty getting past file servers," Mann declares, adding, "Jumping from step to step, for example from consolidation to infrastructure optimization is very hard."

He also notes that unlike some of its smaller competitors in the virtualization management space, CA is not beholden to any one vendor (read VMware), which allows it to take advantage of a much broader market, including Citrix, Microsoft and IBM. "That's a key differentiator for us," he states.

Another key differentiator is CA's ability to go beyond past "speeds and feeds" to a complete, end-to-end look at virtualization implementations, and offer a range of products and services, including P2V, networking, database management, configuration and provisioning. "We show them what resources they can have and what it will cost them," Mann says. "There's no one who addresses the market as broadly as we do."

The three new CA products include:

CA Virtual Assurance, which was created to "optimize uptime and performance of virtual and private cloud environments by providing comprehensive monitoring, event correlation, and fault and performance management." This product is focused on model-based root-cause analytics, real-time and historical performance metrics, along with the ability to monitor virtual networking and app traffic response across virtual layers.

CA Virtual Automation provides automated, self-service virtualization machine lifecycle management that enables users to "rapidly deploy, expand, and control virtual and private cloud environments." Its capabilities include resource pool management, template-based virtual machine provisioning, provisioning support for Amazon ECS and Amazon VPC, integrated self-service with chargeback, and capacity and utilization tracking and reporting.

CA Virtual Configuration allows users to maintain operational efficiency and compliance in virtual and private cloud environments by automating the discovery of virtual environments to inventory and baseline virtual machines, infrastructure, applications, and dependencies. The product then "enables customers to manage sprawl, track and compare configuration changes as well as help meet regulatory compliance and audit needs."

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 05/18/2010 at 12:48 PM


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