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RAWC: Partners Only

Yellow Bricks reports that VMware released v1.1 of the VMware Desktop Reference Architecture Workload Simulator (RAWC)--for VMware partners only. Sorry, users.

As posted by Yellow Bricks: "With RAWC 1.1, Solution Providers can better anticipate and plan for infrastructure requirements to support successful VMware deployments for Windows 7 migration.

"RAWC 1.1 now simulates user workloads in Windows 7 environments and can be used to validate VMware View designs to support Windows 7 migrations. RAWC 1.1 supports the following desktop applications in Windows 7 and Windows XP environments: Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Java code compilation simulator, Adobe Acrobat, McAfee Virus Scan, and 7-Zip.

"RAWC 1.1 also includes bug fixes and several enhancements in test run configurations, usability and user interface. Please see RAWC 1.1 product documents for more details.

"VMware partners can download RAWC 1.1 software and the product documents from VMware Partner Central:Sales Tools > Services IP"

Feeling left out about not having access to RAWC, one disgruntled reader posted: "I understand why they did it--I just don't agree with it, I spent a metric ton worth of cash for licensing, hardware, and the like...testing tools would be a nice perk."

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 05/03/2010 at 12:48 PM


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