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Two New CTO Bloggers Join the VR Fold

Our stellar stable of CTO bloggers has expanded by two. New to the ranks are Alex Miroshnichenko, CTO of Virsto Software, and Simon Rust, VP of Technology at Appsense. Alex's blog is entitled "Real Storage," while Simon's has been dubbed "Virtualizing the User."

Alex has one of the more interesting and unusual resumes you will ever run across--so interesting, in fact, that I wrote a column about his IT experiences in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. It's in hardcopy on page 4 of our April-May magazine and online. Suffice to say, he got a bellyful of the Red Menace.

His knack for creating innovation in virtualization and storage dates from the early 1990s, when he joined an up-and-coming company called Veritas Software. During his dozen years there, he played a major role in the company's core innovations, ranging from the Veritas File System and the Veritas Database Edition for Oracle, to the industry's first viable storage software appliance technology and early explorations of a then-nascent virtualization technology called Xen.

After leaving Veritas, Alex became VP of engineering and CTO at PowerFile, a provider of digital archiving technology. In his next move, he became CTO for backup software vendor Acronis. By 2007, his knowledge and experience with the challenges of storage management under virtual servers lead him to co-found Virsto Software.

His first blog topic: "Clustered filesystems: why all the hype?"

Like Alex, Simon is also well-traveled. Prior to joining AppSense in 2001, he spent eight years getting his hands dirty with early Citrix technology as a technical architect in some of the largest companies across Northern Europe, where he specialized in the delivery and management of applications. He parlayed that experience into his current position at AppSense, which is striving to succeed in the burgeoning desktop virtualization space by emphasizing user virtualization.

As a founding member of the AppSense technology team, Simon leads the product and technology direction for the AppSense user virtualization product line, and can hold his own with the best and brightest experts when it comes to desktop virtualization, application delivery and personality management.

His initial blog topic is: "Virtual User Infrastructure: What, Why and How it Enables Desktop Virtualization."

We heartily welcome Alex and Simon.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 08/05/2010 at 12:48 PM


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