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Citrix Chief Talks About Kaviza

It of course comes as no surprise that Citrix has acquired Kaviza, in which it has invested time, money and technology. Kaviza was a real catch, and Citrix chief Mark Templeton made it clear to me when I interviewed him for our April-May cover story that he was very enamored of the company.

In his words: "It always starts with a team, and I think there's a great core team there, and the second important thing is they have some really differentiating and innovative ideas.(AKA VDI-in-a-Box.)" He goes on to cite Kaviza's "unique perspective and approach" to the SMB market, which he called "additive" to what Citrix is doing in enterprise desktop virtualization.

"We felt what they were doing was quite complementary to our business, so when you meet some folks with great, differentiated, innovative ideas and they're doing something that's complementary to your business, then you have the basis for discussion of a relationship. So we forged a relationship with the Kaviza team," Templeton told me.

Let me add here that Kaviza COO Krishna Subramanian has become our latest CTO blogger, and we look forward to her "How-to" blogs going forward.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 05/24/2011 at 12:48 PM


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