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VMware Updates VMware View, VMware Horizon

I'm running around at VMware with a meeting calendar for which I can only blame myself for the overbookings. In my haste, here are a few notes on what has gone down here at VMworld on the first day:

* VMware CEO Paul Maritz in his Tuesday keynote cited an IDC report that saw virtualized servers outnumber physical ones. It's research that seems a bit to obvious, since virtual server installations have topped physical deployments as of IDC's 2010 research on the matter.

* Maritz laid out the company's cloud-heavy vision, emphasizing that the post-PC era is taking shape much quicker than the company imagined as serious business computing takes place on a growing number of non-PC type devices.

* VMware View 5 is introduced with a boost in performance, which the company said will be key to seeing wider adoption of VDI, especially of VMware's version. VMware claims 75 percent performance improvement over LAN/WAN connections, better graphics handling and "integrated persona management," a fancy way of saying that users will be able to take advantage of virtual desktop personalization.

* VMware Horizon has authentication and identity management improvements galore, starting with an improved VMware Horizon Application Manager that taps VMware ThinApp technology to centralize secure virtual application management. Something new is the mobile management component, VMware Horizon Mobile, which currently works with Android-based devices only.

* VMware said the cloud will be all about users getting better access, and that'll happen via two new and upcoming technologies under development. With Project AppBlast, the dream is that VMware's cloud will be able to support and deliver any application to any device that supports HTML5, and with Project Octopus, applications that rely on data sharing or collaboration will be able to continue to do so in the cloud and do it securely.

In the days and weeks to come, I'll have more detailed analysis of most of this. For now, I have to run and catch up with a few folks running right by me.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 08/30/2011 at 12:48 PM


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