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Reflex Gets Its Arms Around Big Data

Virtualization continues to be a very disruptive technology, as it generates large data volumes and change rates that defy management and correlation. Reflex Systems is striving to contain the chaos and advance the cause of analytics via Reflex VMC, which provides real-time, streaming data analysis that enables enterprises to create "extremely granular" visibility and "pure data fidelity" for managing virtual infrastructures in large, enterprise environments with 100s or thousands of hosts and tens of thousands of VMs.

Reflex cites a happy customer that is also a "top 10 bank" that is managing over 10,000 VMs with Reflex VMC . The bank is pleased because through the use of real-time monitoring, it is able to produce both macro and executive summarizations and perform analysis on specific real-time or historical health and performance criteria down to the VM level from the same set of data.

Although the company sometimes sells to the CIO level, it is primarily interested in dealing with what it calls, "the guys who manage tactical issues of handling infrastructure."

The bottom line according to Reflex: "Utilizing Reflex VMC, IT organizations can quickly analyze data in real time, wrap context around it and present it in a meaningful way to best decide how to control and optimize virtualized datacenters and private cloud environments of scale."

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 06/11/2012 at 12:48 PM


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