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VMware Customers Doing the V2V Boogie

Just in case you missed it, a couple of weeks ago at its World Wide Partner conference, Microsoft helpfully explained to virtualization users the benefits of moving from VMware to Microsoft, and generously offered to help them migrate their entire VMware virtualized infrastructures over to Redmond. Please don't shower them with thanks -- they're not doing this because they have to, they're doing it because they want to. It's their way of saying they're sorry that Paul Maritz defected.

When you think about it, what user in his or her right mind would turn down the opportunity to deliver greater value to the business, further reduce costs, and accelerate the journey to the cloud -- wait a minute, I thought VMware was the cloud journey company -- while also gaining the ability to manage physical, virtual, and cross-platform environments?

And Microsoft is not being picky or exclusive with their generosity. They'll help you out whether you're looking to add Hyper-V and System Center to your virtualized infrastructure, eager to grow your existing Hyper-V footprint, or just sick of paying through the nose for the high-priced spread.

Tempted? Check out the nifty Virtual Machine Migration Toolkit you get that comes complete with Microsoft Consulting Services and trained partners who can exorcise your bad VMware mojo by performing end-to-end V2V migrations from VMware to the Microsoft mothership. This kind of cleansing is a bargain at any price.

I seem to remember a similarly philanthropic offer from Citrix to VMware customers a couple of years ago. I know it's hard to believe, but given the chance to flee, all 350,000 VMware customers and 50,000 partners did not elect to do the V2V boogie then, and somehow, I think they will find a way to resist the urge now.

Sorry Microsoft, that's gratitude for you.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 07/23/2012 at 12:48 PM


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