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Virtualization Notebook 6.24.08

On HP’s Radar? Shane Robison, HP’s chief technology and strategy officer, was recently interview by Newsweek on his thoughts about the company’s overall technology direction. While there was mention of HP’s efforts in data center automation and IT outsourcing, the subject of virtualization didn’t come up -- even in the context of a discussion about green IT. Curious…..

A Few Data Points on Virtualization Planning. Cirba’s Co-founder and CTO Andrew Hillier recently stopped by our offices to discuss the company’s latest product announcement, Version 5.0 of its planning analysis software, dubbed DCI.  I asked him whether large enterprise customers were doing the planning for virtualization themselves or hiring systems integrators or consultants to do it. His view is that there’s not one dominant trend and approaches depend on which vertical segment you’re talking about. Another interesting data point had to do with Microsoft’s future direction in developing management tools under the System Center VMM banner. He agreed with our view that Microsoft’s features and functionality would have a strong appeal to the SMB market given certain aspects of price/performance.

Netuitive Warns About Silos. Editor Keith Ward and I spoke recently with Marketing VP David Heimlich about the company’s direction in virtualization. The Virginia-based company has been in the IT management market since 2002 but specializes in a patented algorithm which “learns” the best metrics for assessing physical server performance (as opposed to using pre-selected and one size fits all metrics) and now does the same for VMs. That’s one ingredient in their secret sauce. The other (more specifically related to virtualization) is that their solution can gather data from VMware’s B-hive product which is more end user and applications-centric and correlate it with host performance. Interestingly, Heimlich observed that in some IT shops, there’s a trend towards virtualization becoming yet another organizational silo which over the long term can put a dent in the efficiencies that virtualization promises.

Posted by Tom Valovic on 05/24/2008 at 12:49 PM


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