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Editor-in-chief Doug Barney passed along an interesting piece of info to Keith and me about a new EMC marketing initiative. The outreach involves an e-mail promo not from VMware but directly from EMC's Voyence marketing team. (Voyence is a configuration and change management company that EMC acquired last Fall). The promo discusses the benefits of virtualization along the lines of "Imagine if you could visualize virtual-to-physical relationships across the data center [and] enforce VMware best practice policies, such as improving utilization by finding VMs no longer in use...." and is signed simply "sincerely, EMC". Clearly EMC didn't waste much time putting itself at the head of the VMware parade.

So how long before we see a photo of Paul Maritz windsurfing?

Posted by Tom Valovic on 08/04/2008 at 12:49 PM


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