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My VMworld 2011 Session Recommendations

We'll take a break from my countdown to get to something a bit more time-sensitive: We are less than one week away from VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas! With about 20,000+ attendees expected this year, it will, without a doubt, be a fantastic show that I am looking forward to. For those attending, rumor has that VMware has bought the entire stock of Blackberry tablets, aka PlayBook--at least that was the rumor on Twitter.

This year, Rick Vanover, David Davis and I have decided to start what we hope will become a yearly tradition of recommended VMworld sessions. While we are sure all the sessions will be fantastic, there is no way for us to attend all of them. Because of the large number of sessions, it could be overwhelming for some to choose sessions to attend, so we decided to help.

Now before I give you my session recommendations, it is worth noting that this year VMware requires you to pre-register for your sessions. You no longer can just walk up and scan your badge, so I recommend that you go to, login and use the Schedule Builder to register for your sessions to stay organized.

Alright, let's get down to the session selections. Here are my picks: the ones in bold are ones I will be attending; the others are ones I highly recommend:

  • CIM1436 -- vSEL: Building VMware's Hybrid Cloud
  • SEC2114 -- Customer Panel: Ensuring Compliance In a Virtual World
  • VSP2347 -- What's New With vSphere 5
  • CIM2561 -- Stuck Between Stations: From Traditional Datacenter to Internal Cloud
  • EUC4080 -- Integrate "Social" Into The Enterprise To Improve Productivity
  • CAP1707 -- 7 Steps to enterprise PaaS
  • CAP2471 -- A Customer Scenario for Next-Generation Data Management with vFabric
  • VSP1682 -- vSphere Clustering Q&A
  • VSP1956 -- The ESXi Quiz Show
  • EUC2956 -- VMware MVP - Solving Enterprise Mobility Challenges
  • BCA1360 -- How A Global Enterprise virtualized Exchange 2010
  • VSP2447 -- Understanding Virtualization Memory Management Concepts
  • SQL Server on VMware ESX BCA1995 -- Design, Deploy, Optimized
  • BCA1931 -- Design, Deploy and Optimize SharePoint 2010 on vSphere
  • CIM2449 -- Introduction to vCenter Operations
  • CIM2452 -- vCenter Operations Technical Deep Dive
  • VSP1425 -- Ask the expert bloggers
  • EUC2103 -- Storage tips and Best Practices for View Deployments
  • BCA1985 -- Oracle Database best Practices on vSphere
  • BCO2479 -- Understanding vSphere Stretched Clusters
  • VSP1999 -- ESXTOP for Advanced users
  • BCO1946 -- Making vCenter Server Highly Available
  • BCA1230 -- Enterprise Java Applications and Virtualization Best Practices
  • EUC2692 -- Rethinking Storage for Virtual Desktops
  • EUC2846 -- View Enterprise Architecture Design and Implementation Best Practices
  • BCO3336 -- DR To The Cloud - Service Provider Perspective

You don't want to miss VMware Mobile Virtualization Platform - MVP; find the labs, find the demos and see how it works. Orchestration and automation are key for private clouds. Plenty of vendors have products around those topics this year, so make sure you check them out.

If you are attending the show, drop me a note on twitter @ekhnaser. I'd love to meet you so you can tell me how much you agree/disagree with my blogs!

Posted by Elias Khnaser on 08/23/2011 at 12:49 PM


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