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VMware vSphere 5 Update 1 is Here: Upgrade Now!

I know a lot of you have been pushing back on the upgrade to vSphere 5 until update 1 was released. Today, I am happy to tell you the wait is over -- go ahead and start planning that upgrade. Many of the customers I spoke to said they would rather wait for an update 1 release before going through an upgrade to vSphere 5 because it was a major release. While I can understand the logic behind it and their prudence in waiting, VMware has historically done a pretty good job from a quality assurance perspective with its releases. But some of us are old school, and I don’t blame you. So what’s new and improved with update 1? Take a look.

vCenter 5 Server U1 -- vCenter received a number of bug fixes as you can imagine is the case with any update release. has an article listing the different fixes, take a look here. vCenter now supports new guest operating systems like Windows 8, Ubuntu and SLES 11 SP2.

ESXi 5 U1-- ESXi also received its share of bug fixes and updates, including new support for Mac OS X Server Lion, and updated chipset drivers to support AMD and Intel's new processors. Also new is Technical Support Mode (TSM) session timeout. This is a welcome security enhancement measure which allows you to set a timeout value against TSM so that if you are not using it or are idle for a specific amount of time, it will automatically log you out thereby preventing anyone else from using that session. To accomplish this, follow these instructions courtesy of

  1. Log in to Tech Support Mode (Mode) as root user
  2. Edit /etc/profile file to add TMOUT=<timeout value in seconds>
  3. Exit Tech Support Mode (Mode)

In addition to vCenter and ESXi, vShield, View and Site Recovery Manager were all updated to U1, while vCloud Director is still on a different revision number and was updated to 1.5.1. Hopefully this update release will ease the worries of some that were still holding out on upgrading to vSphere 5.

Posted by Elias Khnaser on 03/26/2012 at 12:49 PM


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