Evolution of the Hypervisor

From big iron to tiny handhelds, these aren't your father's hypervisors.


Hypervisors: Not Just for Servers Anymore

By Keith Ward

Traditionally found only in the data center, hypervisors are branching out into new territory: laptops. There, hypervisors' advantages are coming into sharper focus.

Another (Red) Hat into the Ring

By Keith Ward

Linux developer Red Hat believes open source is the future of virtualization, but are its new platform and hypervisor too late?

Editor's Note

Don't Fall for the VDI Hype

By Keith Ward

Remote Desktop Services and XenApp are much more efficient solutions than traditional VDI -- by a large margin.

Virtual Architect

Preparing Host Servers for Hyper-V

By Danielle Ruest and Nelson Ruest

Microsoft's hypervisor is stable and solid, but the vulnerability of the underlying operating system requires vigilant updating.

Take Five With Tom Fenton

Free Virtualization Platforms

By Keith Ward

Despite contrary perceptions, virtualization doesn't have to be expensive.

Product Reviews

Taking vCenter Server's Pulse

By Rick Vanover

VMware's vCenter Server Heartbeat makes sure your virtual infrastructure keeps right on ticking.

Virtual Infrastructure Insight

By Lyle Applbaum

Akorri BalancePoint identifies problems before they impact your business and assists in optimizing your environment.

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