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  • Protect and Manage Secondary Data and Apps in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

    As hybrid architectures increasingly become the norm, how are enterprises gaining complete visibility, simplifying management, and making use of all of their data—both on-premises and in the cloud? Download this ebook and learn how five enterprises explain how they’ve replaced multiple products that created legacy data silos with Cohesity and Microsoft to boost IT agility and lower costs.

  • What's Next for Hyperconverged Infrastructure - 5 Powerful Use Cases

    In this white paper, we look at five of the critical use cases currently driving HCI deployments and why they will continue to benefit from HCI in 2019 and beyond. Hyper-converged infrastructure has emerged as a breakthrough IT technology over the past several years. Read more.

  • Agile, Consistent and Business-Aligned: Build a Software-Defined Foundation to Give Your Business an Edge

    In an era where speed and performance are critical, moving to a software-centric approach in every area of the data center is the only way to get ahead in today's digital economy. A modern, software-defined infrastructure, enables organizations to leverage prior investments, extend existing IT knowledge and minimize disruption along the way. Read more.

  • Data Center Modernization for Dummies

    How can a software-defined data center help your company gain a bigger competitive advantage? Get suggestions and tips for modernizing your data center in this For Dummies guide. Get it now!

  • Software Defined Infrastructure for Dummies

    With digital transformation accelerating across every industry, practically every modern business initiative has become and IT project, and IT is now more crucial to the success of the business than ever before. Businesses must bring innovative products and services to market faster than their competitors. Read more.

  • Infrastructure Monitoring Software: Can You Afford It?

    Moving your NFS and SMB file-based business applications to the cloud helps you gain flexibility, scalability, and increased performance. Our eBook shows you five key points to consider when migrating these applications to the cloud.

  • On-Demand Webinar: Learn How Customers are Migrating Traditional Applications with Ease and Speed to GCP

    Join NetApp and Google experts in a webinar to lean how customers are migrating traditional enterprise applications with ease and speed to GCP. Participate in an interactive discussion on the challenges of migrating enterprise applications to the cloud and learn about three keys to successful deployment of NAS workloads in the cloud.

  • Accelerate Enterprise Application Lift and Shift to Google Cloud

    Getting enterprise applications to run in standard cloud storage configuration often requires expensive and time-consuming redesign. Our eBook shows you how shared file services can eliminate the need to rearchitect your applications, getting you to Google Cloud 10X faster. The eBook also explains how shared file services in the cloud can help.

  • Solution Brief: Modern, Web-Scale Data Protection for the Cloud Era

    Today’s data protection challenges from tight business SLAs, constant forklift upgrades and complex management UIs make it expensive for enterprises to manage the current backup and recovery environments. Rethink your backup and recovery solution. Find out how.

  • Taking a Modern Approach to Data Protection for Web-scale Infrastructure

    In an era of exploding data volumes and ever-changing business requirements, the growing importance—and complexity—of data protection means old approaches no longer will get the job done. Find out more.

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