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  • The Complete Guide to Saving with AWS Instances

    Reserved Instances are clearly complex, but they shouldn’t be feared. When used correctly, RIs can produce truly invaluable savings; when used incorrectly, they can devastate your budget. Learn more.

  • NVMe Details and Capabilities

    Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) is a high-performance, scalable host/controller interface designed for accessing memory-based storage through the PCIe bus. The protocol promises to significantly improve flash performance. Will your organization benefit from this new technology? George Crump, president and founder of Storage Switzerland, delves deeper into the technology and its potential uses.

  • Gartner Peer Insights - "Voice of the Customer" for Solid-State Arrays"

    Gartner Peer Insights is a free peer review and ratings platform designed for enterprise software and services decision makers. Reviews go through a strict validation and moderation process in an effort to ensure they are authentic. This document synthesizes Gartner Peer Insights’ content in the solid-state array market for the previous year. This peer perspective along with the individual detailed reviews are complementary to expert research and should play a key role in your buying process.

  • Achieving Predictive Business Continuity

    What if you could automatically optimize and protect your systems, had complete insight into your hybrid IT environment and could proactively avoid problems before they happen? A data protection strategy is good; a data protection strategy combined with a strategy for keeping IT infrastructure optimized is better.

  • Unlock Hidden Resources in Your Hybrid Virtualization Infrastructure

    Virtual hybrid infrastructure has evolved, and so have the technologies and tactics for backup and recovery. To help you stay on top of the most current best practices, Redmond Magazine developed the white paper, Unlock Hidden Resources in Your Hybrid Virtualization Infrastructure.

  • Introduction to NetApp Kubernetes Service - A New Way to Use Kubernetes on AWS

    Even though Kubernetes makes it easier to deploy and operate container execution at scale, there are still many challenges, including keeping cluster patched and up to date with the latest releases. Read this white paper to find out how to meet the challenges of deploying and managing Kubernetes on AWS. Learn more.

  • NetApp Kubernetes Service: Accelerated Application Development and Deployment at Scale

    Read this How To Guide to learn about NetApp Kubernetes Services, NetApp Trident, NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS and the open [email protected] platform to help your application development lifecycle.

  • Technology Overview: HPE SimpliVity: Automation for HPE SimpliVity and Citrix Cloud

    Read this Technology Overview to learn how HPE and Citrix are partnering to offer HPE SimpliVity Automation for Citrix Cloud. The hyperconverged appliance can be leveraged for competitive advantage for your existing IT staff.

  • Solution Brief: HPE SimpliVity

    Read this Solutions Brief to find out how HPE SimpliVity Automation for Citrix Cloud, a tightly, integrated solution, makes it easy to virtualize your desktop apps and data on a central platform.

  • A Five-Step Plan to Move Your Apps to the Cloud

    By developing a sound migration strategy and evaluating your business processes, effective cloud migration can be achieved on-time and on-budget with minimal risk. Read this whitepaper to learn more.

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