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  • Not All Hyper Converged Infrastructure Solutions Are Created Equal

    Don’t just check the box. Find the right hyper converged infrastructure solution for your business. Download the paper “Not All Hyper Converged Infrastructure Solutions Are Created Equal” to uncover the advantages and disadvantages of the three approaches to HCI.

  • Consolidate Mixed Workloads to Deliver Predictable Performance While Controlling Costs

    Download the “Consolidate Mixed Workloads to Deliver Predictable Performance While Controlling Costs” brief to learn the benefits of supporting mixed workloads.

  • Deliver Private Cloud at Scale with NetApp HCI

    Eliminate the barriers to private cloud success by meeting the business and technical challenges often faced by IT professionals like you.

  • Want to Innovate, Outpace Rivals, and Thrive?

    Hyperconverged infrastructure offers a bridge to tomorrow’s data center that can accelerate your company’s ability to compete with speed, agility, and insight into the future. However, first-generation hyperconvergence fell far short of its promise. This paper describes the shift from first-generation to next-generation hyperconvergence and discusses how the latter fulfills early visions for the technology and justifies the hype. These insights will help you assess your company’s readiness to cross the bridge of next-generation hyperconvergence — and the benefits you can expect.

  • Master the Cloud and Become a Data Thriver

    Download the white paper “Master the Cloud and Become a Data Thriver” to learn how to achieve lasting success by becoming an advocate for data-centric technology, modernizing your IT environment, and focusing on the things that matter most.

  • IDC: Business value of Red Hat Ansible Automation

    IDC conducted research on the value and benefits of organizations using Red Hat Ansible Automation to standardize and automate IT operations and configuration. Ansible Automation users report increased IT and DevOps agility and better cost control for infrastructure and cloud resources. Based on IDC’s calculations, these Red Hat Ansible Automation users realized benefits worth $1.17 million per organization per year.

  • Network automation for everyone: Modernize your network with Red Hat Ansible Network Automation

    Network automation is critical for supporting the increasing application and workload needs of modern, digital business. Red Hat® Ansible® Network Automation provides an automation engine, management, interface, and support offering—for better control over and visibility into network resources. As a result, businesses can improve infrastructure availability, staff productivity, network security, and configuration compliance.

  • Enterprise automation checklist in a DevOps world

    An enterprise-wide automation strategy helps organizations improve existing processes and execute upon digital transformation. Ultimately, applying modern automation to your enterprise application environment helps your business better serve your customers—so you can be successful in the digital economy. In this high-level enterprise automation checklist, John Wadleigh, a Red Hat Consulting architect, explains how to transition to a more automated, efficient environment.

  • The Top 5 Reasons Why Hyperconverged Infrastructure is the Right Way Forward

    IT organizations have moved to the forefront of the enterprise charge toward digital transformation. IT’s role is quickly moving from merely managing infrastructure to delivering the agile, flexible and responsive systems that enable success. To make this change, IT organizations must leverage new infrastructure that is more efficient and agile.

  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure 101: How to Get Started

    What are the four characteristics of a future-ready HCI solution? Read this eBook and discover how HCI can make your IT organization more agile and responsive, helping you succeed in the digital era. Get the eBook!

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