Virtualization Infrastructure

5 Ways to Measure Virtualization Efficiency

The typical IT gauges don't translate well for measuring virtualization efficiencies. You'll need to look at it from a different angle.

Dell To Invest $1 Billion in Cloud

Dell today said it is investing $1 billion in cloud computing under a two-year plan to build out datacenters that will let customers subscribe to virtualized compute infrastructure and storage.

Server App-V for Windows Azure Beta Added to SCVMM 2012 Test Release

Systems Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 will include new feature that will allow Windows apps not designed for Windows Azure to be deployed on Microsoft's cloud platform.

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack Adds Improved Virtualization Tools

Customers who use Microsoft's Desktop Optimization Pack can now download the latest version that includes updated application virtualization and desktop virtualization tools.

Desktop Virtualization: What are You Waiting for?

In this new column, Taneja Group lead virtualization analyst Dave Bartoletti will offer his personal insights and findings on all trends virtual and cloud.

Virtualization and the Cloud the Easy Way

Rahul Bakshi of SunGard Availability Services doles out managed services.

Start Me Up: CloudSwitch in the Datacenter

Ellen Rubin's success with startups continues at CloudSwitch, a developer of a software appliance that enables companies to securely run applications in the cloud while remaining integrated with their datacenters.

Going Cloud: The Changing Nature of Virtualized Datacenters

The push to the cloud is putting heavy pressure on virtualized datacenters to change with the dynamic times.

First Impressions of vCloud Director

In case you haven't heard, the messaging at VMware nowadays revolves around cloud computing.

Mixed Bag: Thin Clients, VDI, Management, Etc.

Here are five random items that are worthy of comment.

Managing Public and Hybrid Cloud Systems

Managers are asking the tough questions about public and private clouds and it boils down to one thing: trust.

Served Up Virtually

A college in Vermont is significantly reducing the number of its physical servers by going virtual. The payoff? Energy efficiency, cost savings, and a second data center just for disaster recovery.

Virtualization User To Save $50 Million with 300% ROI

So far, so good: $13M saved, 80% ROI

Garth Fort Talks Cloud, Virtualization

The Microsoft marketing meister describes a team effort in Redmond.

Microsoft: The Great Server

Redmond is looking to streamline the application process via Windows Azure, but it can't ignore server virtualization or VDI if it wants to overtake VMware.

Virtualization Review

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