Virtualization Infrastructure

Xen and the Art of Hosted Desktops

Citrix Systems' XenDesktop is a state-of-the-art product for hosted desktop virtualization and may be the gold standard by which other products are judged in a feature-for-feature comparison. Here's a look at the capabilities, options and feature sets available with this product, as well as how to install, set up and configure it in the data center.

SCOPE Your Infrastructure

Targeting the right servers to virtualize can be challenging the first time around. Using SCOPE can make that process easier and more efficient.

Hardware-Assisted Virtualization

The management challenge no IT admin can afford to ignore.

Microsoft, Citrix and VMware in Brewing Battle

The three companies are getting ready to rumble over ownership of the hypervisor cloud.

Review: VM Monitoring with eG Manager

eG Innovations takes on the daunting challenge of VM performance monitoring.

Marketplace: Microsoft's Non-Hyper-V Hypervisor

Almost no one paid attention when MS divulged details on its cloud-based Hyper-V. Here's what you need to know so far.

Predictions for 2009

The past year was huge for virtualization. What will the new year bring?

Virtual Economics

IT spending seemed immune to cuts, until recently. Guess which segment is bucking the trend?

The Next Frontier: Mobile Phone Hypervisors

VMware makes a play for mobile market share.

HP: Upping The Ante in the Protocol Wars

RDP lags behind ICA in terms of the VDI user experience. But HP intends to narrow the gap for its client virtualization offerings.

VMware, HP Expand Virtualization Pact

VMware will expand its strategic relationship with Hewlett-Packard to include the joint development of software that manages datacenter resources.

Virtualization: Another Aspect of Green IT

As IT managers develop strategies and deploy technologies to reduce power consumption in their facilities, they recognize virtualization does not only reduce server sprawl, it can also save energy.

Linux-Based VDI a Reality

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), also known as desktop virtualization or hosted desktop, is typically used to move Windows desktop environments into a datacenter, where they reside on a server and are "pushed" out to end users.

The View: VMware Launches Key Piece of VDI Puzzle

VMware rolled out the centerpiece of its virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) strategy today, with the release of VMware View 3.

Microsoft Adds Gen 4 Datacenters for Cloud Computing

Microsoft is initiating the fourth in a series of datacenter upgrades to enable its cloud computing services, according to a Microsoft blog post on Tuesday.

Virtualization Review

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