AWS Launches Enterprise File-Sharing Service Zocalo

The Amazon Zocalo service became generally available on Wednesday, less than two months after being released in limited preview.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is billing Zocalo as a "fully managed, secure enterprise storage and sharing service" comparable to Google Drive and Dropbox. AWS users can set up Zocalo sites via the AWS Management Console. While an AWS account is required to set up a Zocalo site, administrators can share files to those with and without accounts.

Users can store, share, leave comments on and save multiple versions of files up to 5GB in size within Zocalo. Files can also be accessed offline. The service includes tablet support for iPad, Kindle Fire and Android devices. It also has syncing capabilities for Mac and Windows PCs.

Zocalo also works with WorkSpaces, Amazon's virtualized desktop service, enabling users of WorkSpaces to sync their files with Zocalo as a form of backup.

Active Directory integration gives administrators greater control over who in their organizations can access Zocalo files.

Administrators can choose in which AWS region their Zocalo data is stored. Currently, the service is available in the North Virginia, Oregon and Ireland AWS regions, though the company plans to expand it other regions "soon," according to a post from the Zocalo team.

Zocalo costs $5 per user per month, with each user receiving 200GB of storage. Administrators can purchase additional storage if necessary, however. This page details the price levels for additional Zocalo storage. For WorkSpaces users, Zocalo is free. WorkSpaces users automatically receive 50GB of Zocalo storage, though they can upgrade to 200GB for $2. A 30-day trial of Zocalo is also available for up to 50 users.

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