Scalr Hybrid Cloud Management Platform To Provide '360-Degree Visibility' for Multi-Cloud Environments

Today hybrid cloud management provider Scalr announced it will be expanding its Hybrid Cloud Management Platform (CMP) with advanced capabilities that will allow enterprises to have a single, "unified view" of infrastructure objects and services that are provisioned and not provisioned by the Scalr platform.

According to the company, these enhancements -- combined with Scalr's "organization-level policy enforcement" -- delivers a cloud management platform that "provides a unified view, actionable and automated rightsizing, and cost predictability for entire multi-cloud environments at enterprise scale."

As detailed in the annnouncement, the expanded capabilities include:

  • 360-Degree Visibility: A single pane of glass over all objects and services, including those that are, and are not, provisioned by Scalr CMP.
  • Reserved Instance (RI) Management and Recommendations: Reserved instances can offer significant cost savings over standard instance types. Scalr provides RI recommendations based on usage trends, and in the context of a customer's organization and applications, for more effective decision making.
  • Rightsizing Recommendations and Execution: Scalr goes beyond just making suggestions to enable users to easily rightsize any and all workloads from within the CMP. Remediation can be automated or IT can choose to be alerted to recommendations that they can approve before enacting.
  • Cloud Inventory: Goal-oriented reports about cloud usage for identifying trends and tracking how the organization is using multi-cloud.

"As multi-cloud proliferates, it's becoming increasingly hard to manage costs. The methods commonly used in smaller-scale environments, like approaching cost control as an isolated challenge and relying on tagging and application-level policies, can't work in large enterprises where applications move from cloud to cloud and the people responsible for them change," said Sebastian Stadil, Scalr's CEO and founder, in a prepared statement. "Instead, Scalr bakes cost control into overall hybrid cloud management, maps policies to an organization's hierarchy and logically groups applications into projects that are associated with budgets. This gives business units, departments and teams the freedom to be productive while assuring central IT that cost, security and compliance are taken care of."

About the Author

Wendy Hernandez is group managing editor for the 1105 Enterprise Computing Group.


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