Microsoft Revamps Cloud Partner Program with AI

Microsoft announced its Cloud Partner Program has been rebranded the "Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program," infusing AI into the program's name and wares.

Bing Chat Enterprise Debuts: 'More than 160 Million People Already Have Access'

Microsoft is doubling down on its big bet on AI-assisted software, today announcing Bing Chat Enterprise, which the company said expands the "new Bing" experience to a ready-made user base of more than 160 million people.

Scientists Seek Government Database to Track Harm from Rising 'AI Incidents'

Borrowing from the aviation industry, the idea is to track harmful incidents to mitigate future risk.

How Execs See Generative AI Benefits Outweighing Concerns

With generative AI constructs like ChatGPT shaking up all manner of industries, their impact is explored in a new report from Capgemini Research Institute titled "Harnessing the value of generative AI: Top use cases across industries," which examines the transformative force of generative AI for innovation across enterprises.

Inside the Mind of a 'Hacker': How They Use Generative AI

A new survey-based report sheds light on how "hackers" use generative AI, though in this case those hackers are bug hunters wearing white, not black, hats.

Take Five with Tom Fenton: My VMware Horizon Session Picks for Explore 2023

Sessions are divided into five tracks: Vision & Innovation, Cloud & Edge Infrastructure, Modern Applications & Cloud Management, Networking & Security and Hybrid Workforce.

IBM Starts Rollout of 'watsonx' for Enterprise AI

Three-part platform provides a builder studio for machine learning foundation models, data services for scaling AI workloads and governance.

Researchers: Tools to Detect AI-Generated Content Just Don't Work

"Available detection tools are neither accurate nor reliable," says a new research paper titled "Testing of Detection Tools for AI-Generated Text."

Hands-On with a Windows IoT Device

Tom Fenton finds that Windows IoT Enterprise works fine as a base OS to run a thin client used to connect to a VDI desktop and a local desktop using RDP.

Microsoft and Google Advance Quantum Computing While AI Hype Rages

Generative AI may be dominating the tech hype cycle these days, but amid the hoopla Microsoft and Google have been making advances in another mind-boggling future technology: quantum computing.

OpenAI Launches 'Superalignment' to Guard Against AI Destroying Humanity

OpenAI, which last year unleashed advanced generative AI technology that is transforming the world, has launched a massive effort to guard against the potential extermination of humanity that could result from further advances.

What Is Windows IoT?

Tasked with rolling out virtual desktops to remote users with a new thin client, Tom discovers it runs Windows 11 IoT Enterprise. So what's that?

Using AWS Transfer Family to Modernize File Transfers

New users sometimes ask Brien Posey how to get their data into the AWS cloud. This is what he says.

Putting Fabric in your Data Fabric

Cloud building blocks are changing software forever, Paul Schnackenburg says in taking a close look at the new Microsoft Fabric.

Growing Chorus for AI Regulation: OpenAI, Microsoft, Google Join In

The biggest players in advanced AI are renewing previous calls for regulation, joining a worldwide chorus of concerns about the dangers of runaway tech.

Testing Now: Shared Links in ChatGPT

OpenAI's new update to ChatGPT introduces a feature in the works sure to be of interest to enterprise AI teams: shared links.

AI at Red Hat Summit: Automation, not Writing Papers, Emails or Poems

"I cannot overstate how different our approach to all this has been."

Top 10 Azure Cloud Announcements at Microsoft Build 2023 Dev Conference

Here's a summary of what's new -- specifically the top 10 Azure products and services that reached general availability or will soon -- at the event.

Ubuntu 23.04 'Lunar Lobster' First Look

Anybody who has installed a Linux OS knows how tricky that can be, but Tom Fenton is pleasantly surprised by the high-flying lobster.

How to Make 'Shadow AI' a Good Thing

Individual, unsanctioned employee AI usage can pay big dividends -- or cause big problems.

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