Kasten by Veeam Tops Kubernetes Backup/Data Protection Poll

A new survey-based Kubernetes backup and data protection report shows Kasten by Veeam was identified as a leader in the field, though many respondents couldn't name any organization as a leader.

Introduction to Docker, Part 1: Getting Started

Tom Fenton begins a series on how to install Docker containers on a Linux system while discussing images, performance hits and how to use network/storage with containers.

Hands-On Review of the Maxtang NX6412 Small-Format Computer

Tom Fenton looks at specs, design and build quality before discussing how well this low-priced device performs as a thin client, KVM server, Docker server and repository for edge device data.

Going Carbon-Neutral? Microsoft Has a Tool for That

From Microsoft's "sustainability cloud" to multiple Microsoft 365 emissions dashboards, there are plenty of tools available to businesses to start measuring -- and reducing -- their carbon footprints.

Microsoft Wages Nation-State Cyberwar, Deleting 600 Domains

Microsoft has been busy removing internet domains identified as being criminally used by bad actors, including those sponsored by nations.

Firms Put Worker User Experience Ahead of Security: Report

The longstanding IT balance between usability and security was tipped in favor of the former during the pandemic-driven remote work wave in many organizations, new research indicates.

Research Firm: Top Clouds Use Strong-Arm Tactics 'In a Race to Colonize Enterprises'

"The efforts to colonize enterprises are at odds with most enterprise prerogatives to 'be multicloud' with respect to sourcing strategies."

State of Blockchain Development Report Ranks 15 Platforms (Non-Cryptocurrency)

"Blockchain technologies have the opportunity to become a foundational technology on which our digital experience sits."

Should Ransomware Payoffs Be Outlawed?

Generally, cybersecurity experts advise stricken enterprises to not pay off the ransom to get their IT systems and data back. Now, one country is considering making that advice actual law.

Cisco Report: Multicloud-Enabled Networks Key to 'Viable Future'

"If a company is to have a viable future, the network needs to be multicloud-enabled, ubiquitous, reliable, secure, and agile."

15 Years in, DevSecOps Lags, with Organizational 'Culture' to Blame

Some 15 years after becoming a thing, DevSecOps is lagging in the enterprise, primarily held back by organizational culture.

Smaller Companies Shine at KubeCon North America 2022

Tom goes to the Motor City and finds not all of the cool Kubernetes innovation is coming from major players.

KubeCon 2022: What It's Like to Attend an In-Person Tech Event Post-Pandemic

Tom, who's a sucker for a good auto museum, finds an upbeat, engaged live crowd with plenty of interesting exhibits and attractions in the Motor City.

Cloud Protection 'As-a-Service' Becomes Specialized

Amid cybersecurity threats like the current ransomware deluge, organizations are increasingly delegating cloud protection services like backup and disaster recovery to specialists, a new report indicates. What's more, despite a massive cloud migration, some workloads are reversing direction, moving from the cloud back to on-premises datacenters.

Tom's Takes on KubeCon North America 2022

Tom Fenton looks at companies he found especially interesting this year.

Microsoft Debuts as 'Leader' in New SIEM (Security) Research Report

"The SIEM market is maturing at a rapid pace and continues to be extremely competitive. The reality of what SIEM was just five years ago is starting to detach from what SIEM is and provides today."


Making the Case for Static Container Images in AWS ECS

Brien Posey details several reasons why a container image should not be dynamically updated.

Road with Ocean Image

Technologists See Metaverse Reducing Carbon, Handling Interactions, More

Global technologists see the nascent metaverse playing a big role in the coming years as it affects everyday life in a variety of ways, including helping to mitigate climate change and becoming the venue for interactions of all kinds.

Kasten by Veeam Update Addresses Kubernetes Skills Gap

Amid a crippling cloud-native talent dearth, backup/disaster recovery specialist Veeam is positioning its new Kubernetes data management update as a bridge of the skills gap.

Automated Anomaly Detection Is Top Priority for ML Operationalization

New research indicates the next few years will be crucial for organizations seeking to operationalize machine learning technology, with automated anomaly detection predicted to figure prominently in that effort.

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