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Microsoft Entra, Zero Trust and Identity

Paul Schnackenburg talks identity in general, how it fits in with the other security tools and services he has covered and the different parts of Microsoft Entra, along with how they solve various identity-related problems.

Major Dev Survey Tackles AI, Ranks AWS CodeWhisperer Highly

"We expect that a little more time may need to pass before we see developers using more AI tools more broadly."

Late to the Party, AWS Makes $100 Million Move to Foster Generative AI

AWS might be seen as late to the cloud giant AI party as Microsoft's "new Bing" rolled out along with multiple AI Copilots for many products and services, after which Google offered up its experimental Bard AI search engine while developing its own new large language models (LLMs), but Amazon has made some moves of its own.

Get Ready for VMware Explore 2023

Tom Fenton, presenting again at this year's U.S. conference, shares his thoughts on the event themed "Explore the center of the multi-cloud universe."

New OpenAI Functions Flop Amid 'More Stupid' Dev Complaints

OpenAI's new function calling capabilities are flopping for some developers, many of whom are also complaining about the ChatGPT creator making its large language models (LLMs) "more stupid" with recent updates.

Programmatically Obtaining BIOS Information

Tom Fenton, needing warranty information for hundreds of Intel NUC systems used as thin clients to connect to VMware Horizon virtual desktops, finds the Linux command dmidecode to be a powerful tool.

Accepted for Google Search Labs? How to Try AI Experiments

If you've been plucked off the waitlist for Google's Search Labs, you now have access to early-stage experiments powered by advanced generative AI.

What 'Big 3' Cloud Giants Offer for AI Education, Training and Certs

The "Big 3" cloud giants -- Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform -- are locked in an AI supremacy race trying to outdo one another on a variety of fronts, including education and training.

Using AWS Transfer Family to Modernize File Transfers

New users sometimes ask Brien Posey how to get their data into the AWS cloud. This is what he says.

Putting Fabric in your Data Fabric

Cloud building blocks are changing software forever, Paul Schnackenburg says in taking a close look at the new Microsoft Fabric.

Growing Chorus for AI Regulation: OpenAI, Microsoft, Google Join In

The biggest players in advanced AI are renewing previous calls for regulation, joining a worldwide chorus of concerns about the dangers of runaway tech.

AI at Red Hat Summit: Automation, not Writing Papers, Emails or Poems

"I cannot overstate how different our approach to all this has been."

Testing Now: Shared Links in ChatGPT

OpenAI's new update to ChatGPT introduces a feature in the works sure to be of interest to enterprise AI teams: shared links.

Top 10 Azure Cloud Announcements at Microsoft Build 2023 Dev Conference

Here's a summary of what's new -- specifically the top 10 Azure products and services that reached general availability or will soon -- at the event.

Ubuntu 23.04 'Lunar Lobster' First Look

Anybody who has installed a Linux OS knows how tricky that can be, but Tom Fenton is pleasantly surprised by the high-flying lobster.

How to Make 'Shadow AI' a Good Thing

Individual, unsanctioned employee AI usage can pay big dividends -- or cause big problems.

Taking GPT-4 to the Web with WebPilot Plugin for ChatGPT

Accessing up-to-date information beyond September 2021 "knowledge cutoff date" is my use case, and WebPilot is my tool.

New Zerto 10 Offerings for Ransomware Protection, Azure DR

Zerto, a cloud data management and protection specialist, today announced Zerto 10, the latest version of its namesake cybersecurity solution with a variety of capabilities.

Microsoft's New OpenAI/.NET Blog Provides Prompt Engineering Tips

Microsoft's new blog series on OpenAI and .NET is out with a new post that explains all the ins and outs of prompt engineering to get the best out of GPT large language models (LLMs).

Rubrik Offers 'Advanced User Intelligence' on Security Cloud

The new functionality is designed to help organizations become more proactive in the fight against ongoing cyberattacks by using time series data and metadata.

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