How I Set Up Remote VPN Access to My QNAP NAS in Less than 5 Minutes

After a series of articles on the enterprise-grade Tailscale VPN whose free version suits his needs just fine, Tom demonstrate his quick-and-easy process of utilizing the VPN on a home network-attached storage setup.

AI Security Report: AI/ML Tool Usage Skyrockets, Here Are Top 5 (& Most Blocked)

Cloud security specialist Zscaler says enterprises must both securely enable AI productivity tools and also leverage AI to defend against new AI-driven threats.

A Free and Easy VPN for Android Devices

Tom continues to be impressed by Tailscale, which saved his skiiing trip when a co-worker urgently needed some files from his home server.

Microsoft Security Exposure Management, Why You Should Care

After using the private preview of Exposure Management for some months, Paul outlines what it does, why you should care and raises some still unanswered questions.

How Does a Mini-PC Stack Up Against a 1U Rack Server?

Tom and a friend come up with an exciting proposition: Could the Moonstone NUC replace one of the Dell R630 servers in his lab rack?

Amid AI Buzz, NVIDIA Unveils 'Quantum Cloud' Dev/Research Service

Of course it was all about generative AI at NVIDIA's GTC event this week, but amid the AI buzz came news about a cloud service for another (possible) game-changing technology, quantum computing.

Google Melds AI-Powered SecOps with Human Experts in New Security Command Center

Google introduced a new cloud security offering that melds the cloud giant's AI-powered SecOps tech with Mandiant's on-call human threat experts.

Hands On with Tailscale Zero Trust Mesh VPN for the Enterprise

Tom sets up remote access to his home lab, adds Linux and cloud devices, explores Tailscale's features and technology -- and really likes what he sees.

Microsoft Is Final Cloud Giant to Kill Data Egress Fees

Following fellow "Big 3" cloud giants AWS and Google Cloud, Microsoft this week announced its Azure cloud computing platform will no longer charge data egress fees for data leaving its cloud.

Create a VPN Jumpbox in Less than Two Minutes

Tom didn't think remotely accessing local computing resources would be as easy as advertised, but it was: "It just worked out of the box."

Microsoft Copilot AI Gets Pro 'GPT Builder' and Offers GPT-4 Turbo to All

Microsoft keeps making news with its AI-powered assistant, Microsoft Copilot, which is now getting a new GPT Builder for "Pros" while the supercharged GPT-4 Turbo model is now available to everyone.

AI Shapes State of the Cloud, 13th Flexera Report Says

Many organizations are investing in generative AI and sustainability initiatives while also trying to balance these with effective cost management, says Flexera in its latest "State of the Cloud" report.

Informatica Tops Report on AI-Driven 'Augmented Data Quality'

Advanced AI has powered intelligent data management specialist Informatica to leading status in a new report from research firm Gartner on augmented data quality solutions.

SAP, Salesforce Duel with Same-Day AI Tools

SAP and Salesforce both provide various cloud-based products and services in areas such as CRM, and both announced AI-powered offerings on the same day at corporate events this week.

Microsoft, Veeam Team Up for AI, Cloud Data Protection

Veeam Software has entered an AI-centric partnership with Microsoft that sees the companies jointly developing new AI solutions around Microsoft's Copilot AI assistant and Veeam's new Data Cloud.

The Other Side of the BYOD Problem: Orgs Spying on Users

We are often warned of the dangers of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies in hybrid workforce scenarios: data leakage, exposure of sensitive information and so on. But what about the other side of that coin: organizations spying on workers through their personal devices?

AI Cloud Security Tools Explode

With the cloud being a natural fit for advanced AI systems spearheaded by the likes of AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, a bevy of third-party security vendors have been releasing AI-powered cloud security tools at a remarkable rate.

Google/Anthropic Up the AI Ante with Claude 3 LLM that 'Outperforms Its Peers'

Anthropic upped the AI ante with a new version of its advanced AI foundational model, Claude 3, which was promptly parked on Google's Vertex AI cloud service.

Amazon Previews a Generative AI Assistant for AWS

Not to be outdone by ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot and Google Gemini, Amazon is currently previewing its own AI assistant for AWS, which it calls Amazon Q. Like competing AI assistants, Amazon Q could be described as a cloud-based, large language model (LLM), generative AI assistant.

Veeam Intros 'Data Cloud' Built on Azure to Protect Microsoft 365

Veeam Software today announced its new Data Cloud offering, providing its data protection and ransomware recovery platform as a cloud service built on Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform.

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