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TerraMaster F2-212: A Low-Cost Home and Lab Personal Cloud Solution

Tom checks its suitability for the mass storage and protection of his home and lab files and data.

IBM to Train 10,000 Consultants in Generative AI Pact with AWS

IBM has entered a pact with cloud giant Amazon Web Services that will see Big Blue skill up some 10,000 consultants on AWS generative AI services by the end of next year.

Why You Need to Attend KubeCon North America this Year

KubeCon's affordability makes it possible for start-ups to attend and showcase their products and offerings, giving techies like Tom Fenton a glimpse into the future.

How to Use OpenAI in Azure Cloud to Unlock Organizational Data Insights

"What if I told you that we could take data from your database, feed it to an OpenAI model and have it give us insights about that data?"

Why You Need to Attend VMware Explore Europe 2023

Tom says VMware in the past has announced its EUC products at the Europe event, so it will be interesting to see if they continue this trend.

Cloud Firms Team Up to Fight Record-Breaking DDoS Attacks

Major industry players including cloud giants Google and AWS publicized an ongoing series of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that are increasing in size and frequency.

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AWS, VMware Team Up for Distributed Edge AI Networking

Cloud giant AWS has teamed up with virtualization kingpin VMware and others to work on a Proof of Concept (PoC) for "distributed edge AI networking" as part of an Open Grid Alliance (OGA) project.

AvePoint Launches AI-Powered Information Lifecycle Solution

It's a cloud-based solution that helps organizations manage their information lifecycle, from creation and classification to retention and disposal, with advanced AI and automation.

DevOps Report: Cloud Boosts Employee Well-Being Along with Infrastructure Flexibility

Cloud computing obviously gives organizations infrastructure flexibility, but a perhaps less well-known benefit is happier, more productive workers.

Running ESXi on an ACEMAGIC AD15 Mini PC

After previous benchmarking tests, Tom attempts to install and run a bare-metal hypervisor on the low-priced, small form-factor PC.

Quick Tips to Save Money on Azure Cloud Bills

It's very easy to get started with Azure and deploy resources that will help you use the Microsoft cloud to do amazing things -- but then you get your monthly bill and wonder if there are ways to control it.

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Research: SD-WAN Moving to Security Offerings, Getting AI Boost

Research firm Gartner's new report on the software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) space sees the tech moving into security offerings and receiving a big generative AI boost in the next few years.

Running VMware Workstation on a Low-Cost Mini PC

Tom installs Workstation on an ACEMAGIC AD15 Mini PC to benchmark its performance running a small and large Windows 10 VM.

Cisco Teams with Nutanix for New Hyperconverged Solution to Replace HyperFlex

Cisco teamed up with enterprise cloud specialist Nutanix to replace its HyperFlex offering with a new hyperconverged solution as part of a strategic partnership announced in August.

From Boosting Amazon Bedrock to Free Courses: AI at AWS Summit

"I believe it will transform every application, industry and business."

NUC 13 Pro Desk Edition Mini PC: More than a 'SHOWPONY'

With an i7-1360P processor, 16 GB of RAM and a 512 NVMe device for storage, it should handle the most demanding home and office workloads.

Microsoft Cozies Up to Meta on AI, Maps

Perennial No. 2 cloud giant Microsoft has lately been cozying up to Meta (of Facebook fame) in important tech areas like generative AI.

Take Five with Tom Fenton: Five (Other) Things to Do in Vegas at VMware Explore 2023

Vegas veteran Tom Fenton has the inside scoop on cool and fun non-techy things to do between VMware Explore 2023 sessions.

Two Ways to Instantly Try New Open Source Llama 2 AI Chatbot Online

Open source projects often require downloading bits and jumping through hoops to work with them in a UI, so online options provide quick-hit tryouts.

VMware Explore 2023 Combines with Dev-Focused SpringOne Event for Java Jocks

Content helps Spring developers build microservices, web apps, serverless, event-driven, reactive and cloud workloads.

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