Cloud Computing

Creating Auto Scaling Groups for EC2

Here's how organizations build scaling groups to create and delete instances in response to a workload's demands.

'Project IDX' Does Experimental AI-Powered App Development in Google Cloud

Maybe Google didn't like Microsoft using AI to challenge its search supremacy, as the company introduced a browser-based, cloud-hosted development environment that could rival offerings like Visual Studio Code for the Web.

Alibaba Cloud Furthers Open Source AI Movement with Two LLMs

The move from the Chinese company comes shortly after U.S.-based Meta (known for Facebook) made big AI news by <a href="" target="_blank">open sourcing its Llama 2 LLM</a>.

From Boosting Amazon Bedrock to Free Courses: AI at AWS Summit

"I believe it will transform every application, industry and business."

Take Five with Tom Fenton: Five (Other) Things to Do in Vegas at VMware Explore 2023

Vegas veteran Tom Fenton has the inside scoop on cool and fun non-techy things to do between VMware Explore 2023 sessions.

VMware Explore 2023 Combines with Dev-Focused SpringOne Event for Java Jocks

Content helps Spring developers build microservices, web apps, serverless, event-driven, reactive and cloud workloads.

Take Five with Tom Fenton: My Picks for VMware Explore 2023

After earlier choosing his top hybrid-workforce-themed (Horizon) sessions earlier, Tom turns to general sessions covering NVMeoF, Kubernetes, NUMA and more.

Microsoft Revamps Cloud Partner Program with AI

Microsoft announced its Cloud Partner Program has been rebranded the "Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program," infusing AI into the program's name and wares.

Black White Wave IMage

Microsoft Entra, Zero Trust and Identity

Paul Schnackenburg talks identity in general, how it fits in with the other security tools and services he has covered and the different parts of Microsoft Entra, along with how they solve various identity-related problems.

Late to the Party, AWS Makes $100 Million Move to Foster Generative AI

AWS might be seen as late to the cloud giant AI party as Microsoft's "new Bing" rolled out along with multiple AI Copilots for many products and services, after which Google offered up its experimental Bard AI search engine while developing its own new large language models (LLMs), but Amazon has made some moves of its own.

Get Ready for VMware Explore 2023

Tom Fenton, presenting again at this year's U.S. conference, shares his thoughts on the event themed "Explore the center of the multi-cloud universe."

What 'Big 3' Cloud Giants Offer for AI Education, Training and Certs

The "Big 3" cloud giants -- Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform -- are locked in an AI supremacy race trying to outdo one another on a variety of fronts, including education and training.

Using AWS Transfer Family to Modernize File Transfers

New users sometimes ask Brien Posey how to get their data into the AWS cloud. This is what he says.

Top 10 Azure Cloud Announcements at Microsoft Build 2023 Dev Conference

Here's a summary of what's new -- specifically the top 10 Azure products and services that reached general availability or will soon -- at the event.

New Zerto 10 Offerings for Ransomware Protection, Azure DR

Zerto, a cloud data management and protection specialist, today announced Zerto 10, the latest version of its namesake cybersecurity solution with a variety of capabilities.

Rubrik Offers 'Advanced User Intelligence' on Security Cloud

The new functionality is designed to help organizations become more proactive in the fight against ongoing cyberattacks by using time series data and metadata.

Is It 'Real' or AI? Google Helps Fight Deepfakes

Google plans 'About this image' tool to help detect synthetic photos.

AI Onslaught from Google Challenges Microsoft/OpenAI Hegemony

"With new breakthroughs in generative AI, we're again reimagining what a search engine can do."

Prime Video Sparks Serverless Debate by Switching to Monolith

"I do think microservices were over sold as the answer to everything."

Microsoft Announces Multi-User Capabilities for Windows Cloud PC

The marquee feature in Windows 365 Frontline, now in public preview, allowing each Frontline license purchased to have up to three users access the Cloud PC, albeit not at the same time.

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