Editor's Note

T-Rex Roars: Liquidware Labs' Founder Makes Noise in VDI

J. Tyler "T-Rex" Rohrer, chief revenue officer and co-founder of Liquidware Labs, was never shy about selling himself and his ideas.

Papirov Has Everyone Looking at Paraleap

Which is more perilous: fleeing the Soviet Union before the fall of communism or starting up a cloud-computing business with no venture funding? Igor Papirov has survived both.

Start Me Up: CloudSwitch in the Datacenter

Ellen Rubin's success with startups continues at CloudSwitch, a developer of a software appliance that enables companies to securely run applications in the cloud while remaining integrated with their datacenters.

Andres Rodriguez Plays Corporate Judo with Your Data

Nasuni CEO Andres Rodriguez believes he can handle the large data problem by leveraging the endless capacity of the cloud.

Make the IT People Smile: A Hypervisor Story

Unidesk President and CEO Don Bulens is in a rut, but a profitable one at that.

A Man of Many Hats Tells Us About His Early Years Developing The Thin Client

Jeff McNaught's career, in a nutshell: started software company; worked on TRS-80; co-developed first Windows-based thin client at Wyse that remains model for all thin clients sold today.

Companies that Caught My Eye

Being a one-man editorial shop at a magazine and Web site dedicated to virtualization is like blowing up Grand Coulee Dam and trying to catch all the spillover in a paper cup.

Back in the U.S.S.R.

The memories of working in the IT industry in a post-Cold-War Russia remain vivid for Virsto CTO Alex Miroshnichenko.

Keeping You on the Cutting Edge

Early in my editorial career, I'd occasionally cross paths with a well-known, well-connected and highly paid consultant who once declared, "Once the trade press stops writing about a technology, users start to use it."

Mastering Management

Just in case you haven't caught one of my blogs, please allow me to introduce myself as the new editor in chief of Virtualization Review.

Rain Clouds

VMworld 2009 has come and gone-in a puff of cloud, you might say. It was a good show, still valuable, but not a great show like last year.

The Great Car Debate

When it comes to virtualization offerings, how can you get the performance of a Lexus at the price of a Honda?

Don't Fall for the VDI Hype

Remote Desktop Services and XenApp are much more efficient solutions than traditional VDI -- by a large margin.

Dark Clouds, Green Linings

Virtualization continues to shine amid economic distress in other IT segments.

An Open Letter to Citrix, Microsoft and VMware

On hypervisors, pricing strategies and innovations that need to continue, even as you each continue to claim your spots in the virtualization market.

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