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Microsoft Acquires Monitoring Boost

With its acquisition of AVIcode, a privately owned Baltimore firm reknowned for its .NET application performance monitoring capabilities, Microsoft joins a rapidly growing number of companies that are emphasizing the importance of looking behind complex systems to better understand and more quickly respond to problems relating to them. Other companies offering highly sophisticated monitoring capabilities include Netuitive and CiRBA.

Specifically, writes Microsoft Corporate VP Brad Anderson in The System Center Team Blog, Redmond is extending its monitoring capabilities in light of the fact that it is delivering more and more solutions in the forms of SaaS (online) and PaaS (for Windows Azure). Anderson, like so many other vendors in and around the VDI and cloud markets, is concerned about how users experience application quality and performance. In order to gain that understanding, Microsoft--which has been using the AVIcode solution along with Operations Manager in its far-flung datacenters for multiple years on services such as Xbox Live--hopes AVIcode will enable users to closely follow the performance of critical business transactions and better understand how the hardware and software components of their distributed applications or services interact.

According to Anderson, "As more and more applications move to run from the cloud, organizations will want to have access to the capabilities that AVIcode delivers--enabling organizations to get a much deeper understanding of the actual end-user experience, with the details to understand when performance and availability is not at the desired service level, and quickly diagnose where the root issues are that lead to latency within the service, resulting in a poor performance experience for end users."

Anderson goes on to say AVIcode strengthens Microsoft's intentions to operate in private, data center clouds, or public clouds based on Azure. Microsoft customers will benefit from AVIcode technologies because they will be able to more easily ensure that their data centers realize maximum uptime. These technologies, says Anderson, will be integrated into System Center "over time."

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 01/05/2011 at 12:48 PM


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