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Unidesk Integrates with Dell DVS, XenDesktop

In a deal that gives a big boost to Unidesk, the company has joined the ever-expanding ranks of vendors associating with Dell via an agreement that calls for Unidesk's VDI management software to be integrated with Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS). According to the two companies, Unidesk in combination with DVS slashes VDI storage costs by 70 percent while simplifying desktop configuration and application delivery.

DVS Enterprise combines Dell 12G servers, Dell storage, Dell network components, broker and hypervisor software, services and end points, including thin clients. It now offers Unidesk as the desktop provisioning and management software component for Citrix XenDesktop or VMware View, a development which further enhances Unidesk's reputation as a company with a future within an industry that is still relatively young and seems to have more players than it can support.

Unidesk's layered approach to VDI management features a central layering of standard applications, including what the company describes as "the many applications that cannot be packaged and delivered by application virtualization technology. Once layered, applications can be assigned to one or more desktops without reinstallation."

Unidesk and Dell showcased their new agreement by touting a joint installation at the University of Connecticut, where Jeremy Pollack, director of IT for the University of Connecticut School of Business, heaped praise on the two firms' technologies, saying, "The combination of Dell and Unidesk has been instrumental to the success of our vPC desktop virtualization initiative from both IT operations and user acceptance perspectives."

As a member of the Citrix Ready program, Unidesk completed the Citrix Ready testing process to make its desktop layering solution verified for use with XenDesktop. The integration with XenDesktop SDK enables admins to provision desktops customized with different combinations of Unidesk OS and application layers directly into XenDesktop catalogs and groups.

In support of the XenDesktop integration, Unidesk quoted Dru Lesnick, assistant vice president of Information systems at Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance in West Des Moines, Iowa, who commented "Our Unidesk Layer Builders can package all of our applications in minutes, from standard office productivity apps to complex property and casualty apps. Then we can custom-build desktops using different layer combinations and make them available through XenDesktop, all in a few clicks."

Dell DVS Enterprise with Unidesk is currently available through Dell Direct.

Unidesk with the new XenDesktop integration is available now through Unidesk's network of channel partners.

Posted by Bruce Hoard on 05/08/2012 at 12:48 PM


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