PerfectDisk 12 Optimizes Disk Performance, Whether Physical or Virtual

Raxco adds new feature called Virtual Awareness, aimed at thwarting fragmentation in virtualized disks automatically.

Raxco Software released version 12 of its PerfectDisk disk defragmentation software, with a component called PerfectDisk for Virtual Awareness. That piece monitors physical host resources automatically, keeping those resources defragmented so that virtualized environments that consume those resources can cotinue to perform optimally.

The new version has other features for virtualized environments, including the ability to configure itself based on the virtual hard drive types it detects are in use, plus what the company calls a Short Stroke method of optimizing speed on thin-provisioned drives. PerfectDisk 12 also has a Zero Fill Free Space feature that can be used to squeeze free space from virtual drives, effectively shrinking them. The idea here is to be able to shrink the virtual drive enough to optimize them prior to a physical-to-virtual migration.

PerfectDisk12 comes with other enhancements, including OptiWrite technology that can defragment files on the fly as Windows writes file fragments to free space; better optimization of solid-state drives and more customizable defragmenting scheduling options.

PerfectDisk 12 is avaible immediately from Raxco Software. A single license Professional version is $39.99. The version for VMware Workstation is $199.99; versions for vSphere and Hyper-V that include a single-host license, host and guest licenses, plus PerfectDisk 12 Enterprise Console, is $499.99.

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