Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3 Faster, More Scalable

New version boast performance improvements and easier scalability.

Red Hat Red Hat has updated its Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization suite of open source tools for server and desktop virtualization management. The company boasts that version 3 has been improved in the areas of performance and scalability, and with those improvements come a lower pricing structure.

Performance enhancements includes the use of Transparent Huge Pages, a new feature that according to Red Hat allows Linux to "dynamically create large memory pages for virtual machines, improving performance by reducing the number of times that memory is accessed." Scalability improvements on the hypervisor side include support for up to 160 Logical CPUs and 2TB per host, and support for up to 64 vCPU and 2TB vRAM per guest. Hosts can also support 4,096 logical CPUs and up to 64TB.

Among the more signifant changes is that the management system is now based on the Java JBoss Enterprise Application Platform on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Also new is a power user portal that allows users to provision VMs, define templates, and administer and customize environments. Support for RESTful APIs allow any management needs to be configured programmatically.

These are just some of the highlighted features; Red Hat said that version 3 comes with about a thousand new and updated features. To find out more, click here.


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